Human TFs data downloads:

This page contains the official list of human TFs from Lambert et al (PMID:29425488), along with all associated information. Candidate proteins were manually examined by a panel of experts based on available data. Proteins with experimentally demonstrated DNA binding specificity were considered TFs. Other proteins, such as co-factors and RNA binding proteins, were classified as non-TFs. All proteins (both TFs and non-TFs) are contained in the database, along with the associated evidence. See our accompanying publication (PMID:29425488) and website ( for further details. Accompanying DNA binding motifs can be obtained through the links below ( Questions and comments can be directed to Matt Weirauch (Matthew.Weirauch at

  • Current lists of human TFs and their motifs (v1.01)
    1. Human TFs
      • Full Database (.csv, .txt, .xlsx)
      • Full Database README (.txt)
      • TF gene names (.txt)
      • TF ensembl IDs (.txt)
      • TFs associated with disease (related to Figures 4B and 4C) (.xlsx)
    2. Human TF motifs
      • Motif list (.csv, .txt, .xlsx)
      • Motif list README (.txt)
      • Motif PWM files (.zip)
      • Motif PWM file README (.txt)
      • Motif Similarity Matrix (refers to Figure 2A; .csv)

  • DBDs
    • All DBD alignments (.zip)

  • Supplemental Material from the original publication
    • These are the original supplemental files provided with the publication. It is recommended to use the TF and motif lists above, which are more up-to-date
      1. Readme(.csv)
      2. Table S1(.csv) - Human TFs annotations and curators comments (for TFs and non-TFs).
      3. Table S2(.csv) - Motif diversity within each family - collection of TF motif clusters.
      4. Table S3(.csv) - GWAS variants included in TF enrichment analyses.
      5. Table S4(.csv) - Sources of GWAS variants included in TF enrichment analyses.
      6. Interactive Figure 3A: Presence and absence of human TF orthologs across eukaryotic species (csv)
      7. Interactive Figure 4A: RNA-seq gene expression profiles for 1,554 human TFs across 37 human tissues (csv)