Collection of 3 putative TBP human TFs out of 3 considered proteins

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Ensembl ID HGNC symbol DBD Family Is TF? TF Assessment Binding Mode Motif Status Notes Comments
TBP TBP Yes Known motif 1 Monomer or homomultimer 100 perc ID - in vitro Binds DNA in the pre-initiation complex
TBPL1 TBP Yes Likely to be sequence specific TF 2 Obligate heteromer No motif A more distant paralog of TBP and the only member of the TBP family that lacks the ability to bind the TATA box. (PMID: 21711503). In vitro, purified TLF-TFIIA binds directly to the NF1 promoter (PMID: 15767669), so likely an obligate heteromer.
TBPL2 TBP Yes Inferred motif 1 Monomer or homomultimer High-throughput in vitro